Passion for life lasting learning

 with Peter Senge

19.11.2014, Paasitorni, Helsinki

What? Why?

The father of The Society for Organizational Learning and the author of the Fifth Discipline - Peter Senge - is coming to Finland to tell about the new way of learning. Also the researcher of new way of thinking Lauri Järvilehto is joining us and bringing a pinch of his thoughts for the event. 

Young team-entrepreneurs from Tiimiakatemia are organizing an event with Partus and Monkey Business to bring the learning networks together for exploring new ways of learning and to create the opportunities for YOU to make new contacts.


Price of the seminar is 199 € + vat (Breakfast and lunch included)

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Any questions?

Please send your questions to us: info(at)millio.fi or call Saija: +358505011799


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