Tiimiakatemia & Start-up Refugees - Osa 2



In the past few weeks we welcomed guests from Tiimiakatemia. They were a group of young people who carried kindness, love and peace in their hearts. The smiles on their faces made most of us refugees feel the feeling of happiness again and it was the first experience of receiving Finnish guests in our camp Isohiekka. We sat down together and discussed a project that was to realise soon. The atmosphere of working together was filled with cooperation. And what made this visit more special was the football match played together with our visitors. We felt just like we were one and that there were no differences between us. Because the thing we need the most in these times are people who stand beside us. People who feel our pain and understand the suffering we have inside and respect it. Because people who don’t, do not deserve to be called human, unless they really feel and respect their brothers as humans, no matter where they have come from or what their backgrounds are. In the end we are all created equal and we should understand no one is better than anyone else, except in doing good and helping others to make their lives easier and filled with happiness. In this point he will be a special person that always seeks to make a smile on other’s faces. It’s easy to speak about refugees in media or between friends. But it will be more easier for you to understand their suffering and problems more closely straight from them and not from intermediate links which are the media. Because television will not transfer what is good for them and for their audience and not always the truth either.


We are really honored and happy to meet such people from all around Finland. And if there are some problems, that is normal because this is how life goes. There are good and there are bad and we should not generalize each action on all of the people. We misjudge according to what eyes see not what other people really are. 


A message to all Finnish citizens:

“We love you and we like to see the same with you. We will do our best to build this country. We respect you for protecting us and helping us to stand on our feet again. We need to be one community beautiful with its differences like nature, as the more colours or differences, the more beautiful nature is.”


Best Regards, Samer Ahmed