Here's how it works!

The most significant difference from regular business education is that instead of courses and lectures, you complete a polytechnic degree in business administration by being an entrepreneur.

From the very beginning, you start a business with a team through which you practice doing business.

The Team Academy has
no teachers, no lessons, no exams. You are responsible for your own development, so you need self-directing to survive at the Team Academy. 


As a team, you get more done.

At the beginning of the studies, students are divided into teams of 10–15 people,  
where they set up cooperatives.

 "If you want to go fast, go alone,  
if you want to go far, go together" 

You learn best by doing

Studying at the Team Academy is done by doing. Learning is carried out through teamwork and customer projects. 

"What we need to learn to do,
we learn by doing"

yrittäjyys, tiimiakatemia, opinnot, liiketalous, team, entrepreneurship
yrittäjyys, tiimiakatemia, opinnot, liiketalous, team, entrepreneurship

Share information and learn from others in the "workouts".

The workouts are dialogue sessions between the team, where the company's affairs are reviewed. In these workouts we share what we’ve learnt from projects and books.

"Sharing information is the most fundamental act of friendship, because it's a way to give something without losing it" 

From books into practice.

Studying at the Team Academy includes a lot of book reading and utilizing the theory learned from them. Each team entrepreneur reads about 20 books during the year, from which we reflect by writing our perceptions into essays. 

"The more you read, the more you know. The more you learn, the more places you can get to" 

Tiimiakatemia Valkut-2.jpg

Guidance from experienced coaches.

Each team has an experienced team coach to help you and your team succeed. Coaches guide and spar, but it's also nice to talk to them otherwise. 

"A good coach can change your operations, an excellent coach can change your life" 

Support and inspiration from community.

At the team academy, you can get to know over 100 other team entrepreneurs with whom you can do projects and have fun at joint events in the house.

"There is no greater power for change than the community that is exploring its own passion" 

yrittäjyys, tiimiakatemia, opinnot, liiketalous, team, entrepreneurship

the worldview
by traveling.

Traveling is an important part of learning at the Team Academy. The Learning Circus learning trip is done every two years and at the end of the studies we go on a famous trip around the world, with the money gathered. 

"Travel. You can always get more money. You can’t get more time." 

Team entrepreneur's Week 

8 + 8 +


hours of workouts

hours of theory

hours of projects

In a nutshell

tradenomi jamk
Tradenomi jamk
Tradenomi JAMK
Tradenomi JAMK
Tradnomi JAMK

At the Team Academy, you can work with customers on projects where you grow your network and get concrete evidence of your skills and work experience instead of course performance.

You complete a master's degree in business administration by working as an entrepreneur and get the opportunity to try different fields and assignments during your studies.

We travel because we want to find new networks and ideas. Already during the studies, a learning trip called Learning Circus will be made with the team. Our goal is around the world trip that culminates in our studies. The around the world trip is done together with the team with the money financed by business.

To be selected, you don't need a ready-made business idea or previous experience in entrepreneurship. More important is that you are ready to challenge yourself and able to work on your own initiative.

You develop your leadership skills in positions of responsibility and get top-notch teamwork skills by working in a team company. 

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