Bachelor’s degree programme in Team Academy 

Students complete the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration by working as entrepreneurs in their own cooperatives. 

tradenomi jamk

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

tradenomi jamk

Joint application:
16. - 30.3.2022

tradenomi jamk

Field of study:
Business economics

tradenomi jamk

Planned duration:
3,5 years, full-time studies

tradenomi jamk

Eligibility to apply:
Upper Secondary Education

tradenomi jamk

JAMK University of Applied Sciences

tradenomi jamk

210 ECTS credits


Application process

Eligibility to apply for Team Academy can be obtained with upper secondary education.  

Student selection is based on grades or an entrance exam. 


Admitted by entrance exam 49% of study places. The entrance exam measures entrepreneurial attitude and teamwork skills.     

Admission based on grades 51% of study places. 

After studies

After graduation teams do a “round-the-world trip”. The trip lasts usually from two weeks to two months. The team members plan and implement the trip together. 

After the trip the team members continue in working life or postgraduate studies. 

Further studies

Students may, after graduation and a working career of at least three years, continue their studies on a master’s degree programme. A master’s degree from a university of applied sciences is a higher post-secondary degree.  

Studies in Team Academy

After the basic studies students do the Belbin team role test. Based on the Belbin team role test they will be separate into the teams.  

Teams establish the enterprises and continue their specialisation. They practice business three years in all. 

Along with doing business, team entrepreneurs learn theory from literature and digital content. 

The team entrepreneurs complete their studies by doing a thesis. Usually it will be done for a company. In these cases team entrepreneurs get compensation in money.  

Team entrepreneurs will graduate as Bachelor of Business Administration after they have done the thesis.  

Contact me if you have any questions

Wiljami Jokela

0400 264 529

How to apply

  1. Apply in by 30.3.2022

  2. Participate in entrance exam



Apply to Team Academy

The next possibility to apply is 16.-30.3.2022.