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Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences' team entrepreneurship excellence unit

Study business

by doing 

real business.

At Team Academy you get to learn business economics in practice.

You’ll start a company with a team instead of lectures and exams. 



is employed right after graduation 


continues as an entrepreneur 

Team entrepreneurship
center of excellence

Team Academy is the center of excellence for entrepreneurship – coaching the growth of the future employees and employers. We’ve got the passion for influencing the world. And we’ve got the great spirit for challenging ourselves and others. Team Academy is the perfect place for people who navigate through life with resolution and passion.

Tradenomi JAMK

“Watch out, because it will change your life permanently.”

“Team Academy’s effect on my personality, values and perspective of life was significant. I wouldn’t be who I am today if at 20 years old I wouldn’t have found my way to Team Academy.


I consider myself successful because Team Academy made me pursue even the greatest goals.”

Suvi Widgrén - alumnus & CEO of Rekka Group

Tradenomi jamk

"Where else can you find a large network of great individuals just by showing up?"

"At Team Academy everybody knows each other and greeting your peers is an important custom. I am an entrepreneur thanks to Team Academy."

Roope Rämänen - alumnus, founder of Finnchat & Young Entrepreneur of Central Finland 2016

Tradenomi JAMK

"The Team Academy is well suited for self-imposed and entrepreneurial friends." 

"There it is possible to try different ideas in practice without falling very high." 

Lasse Jalkanen - alumnus, founder of Foodin & Young Entrepreneur of Central Finland 2020


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